Welcome to the Story Game!

Welcome to the Story Game: a place where dreams come true and funny stories happen. A place where you can read, write, play, and laugh til it hurts.

If you don’t know what the Story Game is, start here: What Is The Story Game? … It’s basically a game where you finish other people’s stories… without knowing the whole story.

If you don’t know how to play the Story Game, start here: How to Play The Story Game (blog version).

Each week, we’ll have a few stories you can add to. You can also start your own stories that other people can add to. That’s how you play! Go here to play: Play the Game.

When you add to a story, lots of other people are adding to it too, so it’s kind of like entering a contest. Your writing may be selected to continue the story for other people read and add to. When you submit the beginning of your own story, it’s the same–we may or may not select it to become part of the Story Game on the blog. But hey, your chances of getting your writing on here are ZERO if you don’t try!

And each week, we’ll post one completed story for you to read and share (this number may go up if we get enough people visiting the site). Read all the completed stories here: Read and Laugh!

And be sure to follow us on Facebook to see all the stories as soon as they’re up on the blog!

Play with us. Tell your friends. Write stories. Read stories. Have fun.

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