Pirate Adventure: 12 Problems with Hank

Scurvy laughed menacingly. “Do you really believe we’re gonna believe that ridiculous story?!” he said whipping his eyes, “What an unbelievable story! Men, look under that overgrown shrubbery!”

Some of the pirates ran to the overgrown shrubbery. “Look!” cried one, “It’s here!”

“Let’s take it back to the ship,” Scurvy said with a smirk, “And Hank, bring those revolting traitors with you.”

“But I don’t want to.” said Hank softly.

Scurvy stopped dead in his tracks. “You don’t want to?” he screamed, steam billowing from his ears, “Nobody tells Captain Scurvy they don’t want to!”

Hank, with fear in his eyes, turned and lumbered into the jungle with two of the runaways slung over his shoulders, flailing like rag dolls with every step.

1. GO TO P. 20.

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