Pirate Adventure: 20 Hank’s Promotion

Hank made his way through the jungle with the rest of the crew in hot pursuit. He jumped over rivers and knocked down trees with his fists. He was the ideal bodyguard. Also, the ideal traitor. He had betrayed his last master as well.

He ran all the way around the island and stole Scurvy’s ship. He made himself Captain Scurvy and he named one of his captives Jim to be his counselor, and he named the other Hill-belly to be the cook, and they traveled far and wide across the sea and recruited more crewmen. And he named one Um to be his personal servant, and one Tregg to be the official deck scrubber person, and one gargantuan of a man he named Hank to be his body guard.

Once a full crew was all assembled, Captain Scurvy looked out at the seven seas, and with the ocean breeze ruffling his hair, he said, “We sail on!”

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