Pirate Adventure: 33 The Monkey Pirates

“Oooohahaahhaah hhah ooh hahah!” shrieked the head monkey as he stood upon the mast, flexing his little monkey arms in victory.  The primates had won the battle.  The ship was theirs. 

Defeated, the battered pirates, their ears ringing with wild simian sounds and their wounds still throbbing, were forced off the ship and onto the shores of the island.  They watched as the monkeys pulled up the anchor and sailed away into the horizon.

“M-m-my ship!” Captain Scurvy sobbed, stumbling in the sand toward the water.

“It’s too late Captain,” said Jim holding the captain back, tears silently running down his cheeks, “She’s gone now.”

And so the pirates were stranded on the island.  They eventually learned to make it their new home.  They traveled every inch of the oceanic landmass, getting to know the villagers and the landscape very well, and eventually, they were no longer the rough pirates we grew to love.  Their desire to pillage and steal left them; the fire in their eyes when they saw gold and silver diminished.  The crew split up, and they all went their separate ways… as separate as they could get while still being on the same little island.

  1. GO TO PAGE 46.

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