Pirate Adventure: 34 Mother Knows Best

“FINE!” Captain Scurvy exclaimed, hands covering his face, “You win!  I-I’m sorry Mother.”  He burst into tears and hugged his mother. 

The rest of crew saw this and started sobbing and hugging all over their mothers as well.  It was like someone had opened the flood gate, and the blubbering pirates could finally express themselves at last.  It was quite a sight.

The M.A.P. took over the ship.  The mothers made the pirates take back all that they had stolen from the local hostile villagers and say they were sorry.  Then they put them through a vigorous re-civilization program.  All the pirates shaved their beards and they all took a bath.  They were taught proper etiquette and grammar.  They were taught manners and cleanliness, and before you knew it they were no longer the rough pirates we grew to love.  They were new, civilized men, who with honesty and integrity made their way in society.  

GO TO P. 45.

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