Pirate Adventure: 46 Life On the Island Ain’t Too Shabby

Um, the captain’s personal servant, made a raft out of coconut shells and rowed himself away into the sunset.  Tregg, the official deck scrubber person, opened up a souvenir stand on the beach, capitalizing on the flood of summer tourists.  Hank, the captain’s bodyguard, through cunning and intrigue made his way up the tropical ladder to become the Master Elder of the villager tribe, leading his people from the large rock that only the elders could stand on.  Hill-belly, the cook, upon learning the nutritional value of the nuts and berries on the island, gave up his pots and pans and went to live on the mountain in a tree house, subsisting on a plant-based diet.  Jim, the captain’s counselor, married a pretty villager woman and lived happily ever after in a hut by the seashore. 

And finally, Captain Scurvy went on to become the first pirate in history to lose his ship, his treasure, and his dignity to a band of hairy monkeys.  Despite this, however, he was adored by the villager children, and would often tell them tales of his life as a pirate on the high seas.

“Gather round,” he’d say to the villager children, as they looked eagerly up at him in anticipation, “Let me tell you a story about pirates……”


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