Pirate Adventures: 36 The Pirate Escape

“STOP!”  Captain Scurvy screamed.  Everyone went silent and looked at him.  He looked around for a few seconds and then yelled, “NOW!” and jumped overboard.  Getting the message, his entire crew followed suit as their mothers shrieked with rage.  All of the pirates escaped into the sea except Jim, who ,while trying to bring some treasure with him, got pulled back into the ship by an angry woman.

“JIM!” sobbed Tregg, swimming back for him, but Scurvy held him back.

“It’s too late for him now.” the captain gravely said.

The pirates swam over to the mother ship which had M.A.P. written in huge letters on its flag.  There was a boom and the entire vessel shook violently.  “They’re shooting at us!!!” one soggy pirate exclaimed pointing at the clouds of smoke billowing out of their old ship’s cannons.

“We better make a run for it.” Captain Scurvy declared, and so they sailed off with a shipload of angry mothers in hot pursuit.

GO TO P. 40

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