How to Play on this Spectacular Blog

You can play the Story Game on this blog. It’s a lot like the original version, just with more people you don’t know… and the entire world is your living room, and your oyster.

Click on the part of the menu that says “Play the Game”.

There you will see a few blog posts. Each one has a Google Form link to a story in progress.

Click on the Google Form link and follow the instructions. There you will be prompted to continue a story in progress.

Since there are so many people playing the Story Game on this blog, we can’t publish every submission sent in, so we have to select them randomly. Think of it like a contest you can enter at least 4 times a week! If your submission is selected, we’ll notify you (if you want), and your writing will grace the walls of the Story Game internet Hall of Glory forever…. at least, until the internet is completely destroyed for good.