Methods of Selection

Since there is way more writing submitted to this blog than could possibly be published, there must needs exist a method or set of methods to determine or select which submissions will be published–whether for story starts or for story continuations.

Currently, our procedure is as follows, unless otherwise specified:

  • If the number of submissions is less than or equal to 10, Method 1 will be used.
  • If the number of submissions is greater than 10, Method 3 will be used.

Below is a list of the methods the Team employs to select submissions*:

  • Method 1: Reading and Review
    • The Team will read each entry and determine which one is best to be published. Generally, the funniest ones will be chosen, although story flow and continuity will also be considered. (This method will only be used when the number of total submissions for a given form is small enough to make it possible.)
  • Method 2: Randomly
    • Each submission will be assigned a number, and then a random number generator will decide which submission will be published.
  • Method 3: Random/Reading Mix
    • A random number generator will randomly choose 10 submissions, and then the Team will then read each of those and decide which one is best/funniest for publication.
  • Method 4: Nth Customer
    • Before the Google Form is published for submissions, a number n will be chosen. The nth submission submitted through that form will be selected for publication.

*As always, the Team will only publish appropriate content on this website, regardless of the original method employed.