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Submitting Stuff

By submitting your writing to this website through the Google Forms provided on the blog, on Facebook, or anywhere else you may obtain the link, you are granting StoryGame.blog permission to publish it on the blog and use it henceforth for their purposes of spreading laughter, including in other media. Although your writing becomes “property” of StoryGame.blog, they will ALWAYS cite you as the author. As such an author, StoryGame.blog is under no obligation to compensate you or pay you royalties or anything else for your contribution. Indeed, no published author shall receive anything for their published writings on this blog, except for name recognition, if they so choose.

Any characters, names, places, narratives, or themes of your creating that you choose to include in your submission through the Google Form also become property of StoryGame.blog, in the same manner as outlined in the paragraph above. So, don’t use the characters or plot lines from your upcoming, soon-to-be-a-bestseller novel. Keep them to yourself if you do not want them stolen. For the Story Game on this blog, make up new characters. Once published on the blog, all characters, names, places, narratives, or themes become fair game for other Story Game players to use in their story submissions.

Pen Names

The pen name you submit through the Google Form will be the name to which your writing (if published) will be attributed. If you do not want your real name appearing on the internet as a result of your participation in the Story Game, do not submit your real name. Use a pen name. An alias. Like a spy. If you choose to use no name at all, you shall be known for your work simply as “Anonymous.”

Email Addresses

Any email addresses submitted through the Google Form will not be used for anything other than notifying you that your part of the story has been selected for publication. We will not send you spam or newsletters, and we will not sell or give your email address to anyone else. Submitting your email address is optional.

Resemblance Disclaimer

Any resemblance of characters or stories to other real or fictional characters or stories is merely coincidence and is not intended by StoryGame.blog.


And of course, just to be safe: No animals were harmed in the making of this website and/or the stories it contains.