What Is the Story Game?

The Story Game, as the subtitle on this blog attests, is the funnest game on the planet. Seriously. You won’t play another game that makes people laugh so hard.

The Story Game is a game where everybody starts their own story, and then other people add to and eventually finish it. The catch is that when adding to someone else’s story, you can’t see the whole thing–just a paragraph or two to get an idea of what it’s about. That’s it. You have to continue the story from the limited information you know. That makes it hilarious. Once everyone has added to each story, and each story is completed, you read them to each other. It’s pretty simple.

This blog’s purpose is to teach people about the Story Game, and then get them playing it. You can play it on your own with a group of friends, or you can play it with the entire world on this blog. You can do both, actually!

Welcome to the Story Game, friend. Explore, read, write, have fun. And don’t forget to laugh.